Updates on Carrick Felix, Michael Haynes, & Cleveland Melvin

Carrick Felix – Felix arrived in Durham last night and briefly met with the team after the Selection Sunday show.  Today, Felix will tour the Duke campus and meet with academic advisors and the admissions staff.  If all goes according to plan Felix will be declared academically eligible for Duke.  Felix is the top target remaining for Duke in 2010 and the Blue Devils are hopeful for a commitment from him in the next few weeks if not sooner.

Michael Haynes – Duke’s interest in Haynes remains high.  A few academic issues continue to prevent the Blue Devils from making an official scholarship offer to Haynes.  However, the Duke coaching staff will continue to keep tabs on Haynes’ academic progress in the coming weeks.   If Haynes can get things worked out academically then there is a strong chance that Duke will offer him a scholarship as the Blue Devils are very interested in adding a player of his skill set.

Cleveland Melvin
– Things are unlikely to progress much farther with Melvin.  Duke made their initial contact and evaluation, but the general consensus was largely that Melvin’s skills overlap with Felix.   Overall, the Duke Coaches want to diversify the abilities of their small forwards next year which is why the staff is considering the athletically gifted Felix and the strong and sturdy Haynes.  It is unlikely that Duke will pursue Melvin.  If things do not work out with Felix and Haynes, and if Kyle Singler decided to go pro then the staff may take another look at Melvin down the road but right now he is not a target.


3 responses to “Updates on Carrick Felix, Michael Haynes, & Cleveland Melvin

  1. Very interesting; thanks for sharing. Am I reading between the lines correctly? The staff wants to add two small forwards to next year’s roster. Kyle Singler plays small forward for this year’s team and presumably would play the same position next year if he were around. If Kyle were around, the staff would not be so worried about the small forward position. Does the staff think/know that Kyle is gone after this year?

  2. Ryan Scarborough

    According to Carricks facebook page he is now a Blue Devil!

  3. Greg,

    Yes there is a chance that Kyle will leave after this season. Nothing has been decided yet though on Kyle’s future. Mostly, this is about Duke best positioning themselves to make a run at a championship while Kyrie is here manning the point.

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