Duke offers Center Johnny O’Bryant

Johnny O’Bryant is a 6’9” 230lb forward from the class of 2011.  According to both Scout.com and Rivals.com O’Bryant is a 5-star prospect.  O’Bryant has been collecting scholarship offers for some time and currently has offers from over 10 schools.  Recently however, one major basketball power got involved with O’Bryant – the Duke Blue Devils.

Here is an excerpt from MemphisRoar.com on O’Bryant’s Duke offer.

“A couple of weeks ago Duke offered me,” said O’Bryant, a preseason Dandy Dozen member (via The Clarion Ledger) and two-time all-state performer. “They called my high school coach to try to get in touch with me. Then they got up with me and said they were offering me. I am still, though, just taking everything in and sorting through everything.”

Interestingly enough, Duke recently offered another Mississippi native – 6′9″ 260-pound center Tyler Adams from Brandon, MS. On 730 Fox Sports radio Monday night, Adams stated on-air that he speaks with O’Bryant about their recruitments have have discussed playing together.

“We talk about it a good bit,” said O’Bryant. “[We] talk sometimes about going to the same school. That would be pretty neat for us to all stick together and compete for a national championship on the same team in college.”

Full Credit to MemphisRoar.com


3 responses to “Duke offers Center Johnny O’Bryant

  1. This is a great sign for 2 reasons.

    1. I think the Quincy Miller recruitment has fundamentally changed. He has REPORTEDLY grown some up to 6’10. This changes him from a SF to a true PF. And there will be 4 guys at his position, potentially, when he arrives. The Plums, RKelly, and Hairston. Three of whom will be upperclassmen. QMill will play, but how much, and will he start, are genuine questions.

    2. This offer puts pressure on our previous offers. If QMill and MP3 want to wait, and that kind of seems like what is going to happen, fine. That scholly they were offered might not be available at some nebulous future date.

    One of the flaws in K’s previous Focus-in-on-a-key-target-and only-that-target plan was that the kid held all the cards. Duke is a great destination, but at the end of the year a better situation for an individual player’s unique circumstances might open up. Now that kids have some comp for their positions at Duke, they will have to pull the trigger earlier.

  2. He can definitely jump

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