Duke Recruiting Update – Haynes, Zeigler, & Leslie

Although the majority of the Duke coaching staff’s time has recently been devoted to the NCAA tournament, the Blue Devils continue to be active of the recruiting front as well.  Here is an update on where Duke’s efforts to wrap up the class of 2010 stands.  Tomorrow, we will provide an update on class of 2011 Duke prospects.

Michael Haynes – Duke remains very interested in this 6’6” 230 pound forward.  The coaching staff is high on the toughness that Haynes exerts on the basketball court and feels that his skill set would be a nice addition to the 2010-2011 team.  Haynes still has few academic issues to work out though.  He is expected to take his college board exams in the first half of April.  If things go well on these tests and he qualifies for Duke then the coaching staff will very likely make him the final member of the class of 2010.

Trey Zeigler – The relationship between Duke and Zeigler cooled some time ago after not much interest was shown in the Blue Devils.  Duke has contacted Zeigler here and there in recent weeks, mainly on a casual basis though.  The latest rumor on Zeigler is that he and his father Ernie (a college basketball coach) will both end up at UCLA.  Ernie could take the UCLA assistant coaching position that recently opened up when Donny Daniels left.

CJ Leslie – Rumors arose from the McDonalds High School All-American games that Duke had contacted 6’9” power forward CJ Leslie.  However, these rumors are 100% not true.  This story mainly came from the throngs of media the event.  Duke coaches do not see Leslie as a good fit for the team.


7 responses to “Duke Recruiting Update – Haynes, Zeigler, & Leslie

  1. I understand that they’re not interested in CJ Leslie, but to say he’s not a fit doesn’t make sense. The kid so extremely athletic, reminds me of a bigger Gerald Henderson

  2. Mehta – I understand what you are getting at, however the comment was meant from a personality/attitude standpoint. Leslie is certainly a great talent, but his personality would clash with the type of team Duke generally likes to build. Hence, the “fit” comment.

  3. Ahh I understand and we certainly can’t have that

  4. its time for some real recruiting,and stop being outdone by UNC

  5. im a huge coach K fan but i want a few more 5 stars

  6. The fact is that we have Kyrie added to Nolan and Seth in our backcourt. Add this to the Plumlees and potentially Kyle and we have a lineup of five star guys for next year.

    We certainly weren’t outdone by UNC last year and we haven’t been outdone by them this year coming up either. Look at UNC’s recruits for next year and you see one real starter and the other two are highly overrated because UNC signed them. Harrison, himself, is more Luol Deng than he is Kobe or Lebron, so I wouldn’t worry about being “outdone.”

  7. Problem Children

    I dnt hunk it matters who get the cream of the crop recruit wise. Carolina supposedly had a better recruiting class this year an look what happened. Duke brought the trophy back home.

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